LOPH is a deaf owned brand; Kellie, the owner of this brand, is Deaf but uses the cochlear implants to connect with the Hearing world. Sign lanaguge is her first language; the design on this hoodie is "I love you" in sign language, with a peace sign melting to keep our message of spreading peace all around you + to the world. Kellie believes that being Deaf gave her a huge sense of peace within herself + wants to get rid of the stigma of Deafness being a bad thing, and does not take away from who that person is. 


“Because of my Hearing parents going out of their way to learn ASL and making us feel at home even if they can’t understand, I was able to grow to create + be my best self. I want to help other Deaf kids be able to be comfortable and to find their peace like I did, so this collection is for them.” 

iLOVEyou embroidered hoodie