Yusuf Alamutu

Yusuf Alamutu, also known as YDA, was born in Nigeria and moved to the US when he was 11 years old; he's been living in Boston ever since. He started off by mentioning that he has always loved music and singing, so he started taking music seriously about 3 or 4 years ago. "When I started gaining support from making my own music I knew I was doing something right. So my love from music just kept growing." His favorite part of being a music artist is that he gets to be as creative as he can be, making him grow as an artist, he said, "I love melodies and putting words to it and the recording process. and finally putting a piece of yourself out in the world for people to hear."

YDA's favorite piece he has created so far is, ‘One by One.’ He said it's his favorite because of how it blew up out of nowhere, "It was being played internationally and I didn’t expect the love and support I got from it. Creating something that had an impact on people made me feel accomplished," he added. The creative process can come in different ways for YDA. Writing a song while the producer creates the beat from scratch, having the producer send me a beat and he takes his time to write to it, or just randomly coming up with a melody in my head and putting words to it. "I like to write about my experience and sometimes I’d right from other people’s experience. We all go through similar experiences in life so there are always going to be people that relate," he mentioned.

Yusuf's message to his supporters: "I want my audience to know that I am very appreciative of the support and that I have very good music coming out soon!"



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