YoungKing TR, from W.Spring MA, is known for making Rap and Hip-hop music. He mentioned about the time when he started his career about 6 years ago, "I always loved music and knew how to rap since I was a kid but never put myself out there or told anyone because I played basketball and that always came 1st." Then when he went away for college at Fitchburg State, he was discouraged by being cut from the basketball team, it was the 1st time since six years old he wasn’t playing basketball. Because of this backtrack, TR started searching for something to fill that void, "music was it for me," he continued, "I fell in love with recording and making songs, after my 1st time performing I knew this was what I wanted to do."

Since finding his love for music, he was able to talk about his favorite experiences as an artist. TR talks about how much he loves being on stage performing his music, "I love getting a reaction from the crowd and feeling their energy. It's always a dope feeling when people come up to me after a performance and genuinely show love and become a fan of, not just the music, but of me as a person as well."He also tells us his favorite creations; he starts to revel that he has an upcoming album he has been working on for a year now, "I'm excited to show everybody the new vibes and sounds I've been working on. This is my favorite project so far because I've been taking my time with it," he then says that he has been enjoying the process and genuinely loves the music he has been creating, "with that being said, new album on the way! Be on the lookout for that!"

Other than being invested in his career, in his free time when he's not working on music, he still has love for basketball, "I recently started paintballing which has been real fun. I like to just find or do different things that'll inspire and motivate me to be a better artist."

YoungKingTR's message to his audience/supporters: "I think it’s important for an artist who have any type of platform, big or small, to speak on the social injustice issues that are happening on a daily in America. I think it's important that we all stick together in these times and use our voices to help push change. Like Lebron James said 'Black Live Matter isn’t a movement, it’s a life style' Me being a Black Muslim artist, I definitely want to continue to shed light on these issues and continue to press for change. But musically, I got a lot of new music coming real, real soon! I have a few small projects and visuals dropping before the album."





PS. "I would love to collab with any and all artists that are down to collab. Lets work! I appreciate LOPH4PPL for featuring me on their blog! More coming soon, hope all stay

safe and well through this pandemic. We’ll be back on the road soon!"

Peace & Love,




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