Yosuke Nakano

Updated: Apr 26

Yosuke, an artist for 10 years, is from Fukuoka, Japan. He shares his experience with art and why he loves to create. He opens up saying that he has always loved to create art, but has never imagined that he could make a living as an artist, thinking it was difficult and only for talented people. "This was until I read a book called Today’s Art by Taro Okamoto, who is Avant-Garde artist in Japan. He mentions that art was not only for geniuses or artists, but for all human beings. Art is joy of life and the artwork is the expression of the joy of life. 'Ohh, THIS IS IT!' That’s what I want to feel and even I can do! I have started painting every day since then," Yosuke shares.

When we asked Yosuke what was his favorite experience as an artist, he told us that he gives free art to people on the streets, "I can feel people’s kindness when I give my paintings for free. There are people who smiled, cried, hugged, sang for me, served a drink, imitated my work, and more," he continued, "I can always feel that an art goes beyond borders like religion, nation, culture, race etc." The first picture below is his favorite piece of art he has created, titled 'Invisible reality'."

Yosuke Nakano's message to his audience/supporters: "Do not fight with others, but fight with yourself. Escape from competitive world. Appreciation is a key of life. Do what you think is beautiful. Make your own God. Make your own religion. We are all different but We are all same. We are all connected and all one. Keep child’s heart, and create like a kid. Creation will help you to overcome your depression, will make things negative to positive, and will make you feel joy of life and confident that you are alive. Why not you create? What are you waiting for?"

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