Yelena Rodriguez, who goes by Yelena when she's on stage, is from Boston, Ma. She mentioned, "I moved around a lot throughout my life, and I grew up in Orlando and Cape Coral, FL. I am currently living in Brockton, MA. I'm also Cuban and Dominican." September 2019 was when Yelena started taking her music career seriously, she has been singing since she was 7 and been performing since she was 15 years old. A couple of months ago, she took her career in the studio and since then she has been extremely focused on her music.

Yelena was asked what drew her to the music industry, she said, "I was so amazed by the music industry, because of an artist named Selena, who was a well-known tejano artist and unfortunately was murdered in 1995. I learned about Selena when I was about 7 years old, due to my father who introduced me to her. He always would buy me movies to watch, and one of the movies he bought me when I was 7 years old, was the movie starring Jennifer Lopez, which was about the life of Selena. Selena made me fall in love with music. As a kid, I would always watch videos of her performing, etc. I was intrigued by it. I would watch her videos so much, I began to teach myself how to dance like her and sing as well." From then on, that's when she began to learn about the music industry and fell in love with other artists as well, including JLO. She continued, "there are misconceptions about the music industry, but I believe the music industry is amazing and a bit tough as well, but now I believe the music industry would accept someone like me, which what drew me more to the industry today."

Rodriguez just finished working on her first single, "On my Own,"and as of right now it is one of her favorite songs she has created, "I believe it shows the potential I have as an artist," she continued, "I am currently working on my next single and this one looks like it could be my next favorite, but we shall see."

Yelena's favorite part about being a music artist is being able to be around music 24/7 and always being around other creatives. Music is her first love and she uses music as a way to communicate to others on how she feel, if she's in love, or in pain. "I love being a music artist, because I am always connecting with other people and getting to know what they like, if we have anything in common, what makes them cry, what they love, or are they in love etc. It's amazing thing to make others feel like they're not alone through your music," she added.

Yelena's message to her supporters/audience: "I want my audience to know that as an artist and as a person, that I am just like them. I want them to feel connected to me and to feel welcomed by me, if that makes sense. I want my audience to know that they should never give up on themselves and to always have a good head on their shoulders. I want my audience to feel strong and beautiful, just like I do myself. I have my bad days and my good days, but I want my audience to know to never take your good days for granted. I want my audience to feel powerful when they listen to my music or watch me perform. I want them to know that they themselves are powerful and that they have the capabilities to accomplish anything they want in this world. They are the masters of their own life, and they can decide if they want to commit to their dreams or not."






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