Yefta Albert

Yefta Albert told us that once he played volleyball in highschool with a friend named Billy. "He was always late to practice and games, but he took dope photos and was the only person I knew that was my age taking photographs," and that's what inspired him to start his photography career. When asked among his work, which one was his favorite, he shared, "my favorite photographs is from my last trip to Indonesia. I migrated to the US with my family at the age of two, and this past summer was the first time I went back to Indonesia to see them." This trip meant a lot for him, it has taught him a lot about his culture and what could've been if his parents decided to stay there. "It really shifted my perspective and the photographs that I took brings back so many good memories," he continued, "I shoot mainly portraits but nothing tops the sentimental value that these landscapes represent."

Yefta also shared his favorite experience as a photographer; he loves seeing how images just come together, "most of the my photoshoots don't come with a lot of planning. There's a location, a model, and a look but as far as that.. you don't know what will happen. And that's the beauty of photography for me, its just letting it all pan out during the shooting process and it forces me to try new things." He continues to tell us that it's a creative challenge in of itself because there's so many different factors that play into it, "and also, nothing tops of the feeling of loading the photos up onto your computer knowing you have some really good shots from a shoot that can be even better once you edit them."

Yefta's message to his audience/supporters: "Anything's possible. I'm not special, and if I can do it you can do it too. Mindset is everything!"


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