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WorthWhile Brand was established in the summer of 2015, in the south of Nashville, in a town called Columbia, TN. LOPH got to speak with the owner of the brand and he starts off by telling us more about himself."As of right now, I am a one man show. The brand started out with a group of friends, but over the years the group has separated and each gone on their own path in life," Tyler Steigelman, owner and CEO of the brand mentioned. He continued to share that he usually likes to rotate through a handful of different photographers and graphic designers to help him with different projects here and there, "I like to rotate through people so that I can help shine light on others and their craft, as well as, keeping a fresh perspective and different feel for each project I do."  

The brand is a movement that stands for you as an individual. We all go through a point in our lives where we are down or don’t feel like we are worth it. WorthWhile is here to ensure you, no matter who you are or what situation you are in, that you are WorthWhile, and that your life matter. "You are so unique as an individual. Think about it like an extremely rare diamond. A diamond so rare that there is only one in existence… that diamond would have so much value because of its rarity. As a diamond is created over time by pressure and heat; You are shaped over time by your life and experiences. The beauty is that you choose how your story is told. As a diamond in the rough of life, hang tight and let your light shine bright."

WorthWhile sells unisex apparel including: t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, hats, and a couple other miscellaneous items. The owner added that for a couple years, he was only printing one of one shirts for people in order to make it more personalized, "but I have been focusing on moving towards actual lines and collections vs. the one of ones route."

Worthwhile also sponsors an athlete, named Emilio “Scramble King” Hernandez. "He lives his life WorthWhile everyday. He competes in Brazilian Jujitsu competitions across the US and also teaches classes in his home town." He added that even though his life is primarily taken up by Jujitsu, Emilio still finds time to put his efforts into photography, videography, and still always willing to lend a hand to his sponsors if needed. CEO Tyler shared his favorite experience with the brand and it was getting the opportunity to speak at his local middle school, E.A. Cox Middle School. "I personally attended E.A. Cox when I was younger, so it was surreal to be able to go back and speak. I was asked to speak about anti-bullying, leadership, and self-worth. The message was taken well and I was also able to give away some clothes to the kids." It was established a great milestone for Tyler and the brand.

Tyler mentioned how WorthWhile started as a simple idea, "everyone has ideas, but not everyone brings them to live," he expressed, "my first 'entrepreneurial thought process were caused by mental shifts. These shifts were set off by different books that I read causing my mindset to shift." One thing that has always stuck with him since then is that when he made the decision to read those books. He made a decision that caused his mentality to shift; because he made his own mindset change, "I believe that others can have this mental shift too too." Tyler added, "besides the brand standing for positivity, self-worth, and individuality, I have always wanted the WorthWhile Brand to serve as that mental shift for people."  

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