Wonyáe, who is from Boston, Ma started creating and recording music professionally back in 2015, "I would say that’s when it truly all started for me as an artist," he added. He mentioned that he has been in love with music ever since he could remember. He reminisces rushing to watch music videos, trying his best to learn lyrics and vocal arrangements at a very young age. "For me, I was drawn more to  'music' than the 'music industry,' I feel like once it comes to the 'industry' it gets saturated and less fun or creative." 

Wonyáe struggles to choose his favorite piece of one of his creations, but when he made up his mind he told us that he enjoys his record, "Down” on his EP, “The Art Of Letting Go.” He tells us that it’s a hidden gem, and not many folks have noticed it’s worth, numbers wise. He continued, "I have a new song coming out soon that might be able dethrown it though."  Wonyáe's favorite part about being a music artist is being able to create and be his authentic self, he tells us that he has no boundaries and all of his music is a reflection of him, "making music is therapy."  Wonyáe's message to his audience/supporters: "I want my audience to know that I believe in giving quality work and I’m here to provide them with art, history, fashion, love (in all forms) and just some good ol music."

WEBSITE: https://www.wonyae.com/

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/iamwonyae/

TWITTER:  https://mobile.twitter.com/iamwonyae

Wonyáe's "Daddy" https://youtu.be/BZpINPp3FuE



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