The Sunset Kings

The Sunset Kings, is a band of musically talented people that came from different places, but met in Boston. We interviewed Star, bordertown in South Texas, who is the vocalist and lead songwriter for the band, he tells us more about the band. Neumi. grew up in Florida and finished high school in Brockton, who plays saxophone and has been evolving into a lyrical collaborator. Hannah Schzde, Mexico City, plays violin in the band. Aric who plays bass and guitar, and Mike Larsen is their drummer, they both are from small towns right outside of Seattle. Star opens up about the start of his career and the band, “there's been a lot of false starts, but I would say I really started breaking into the industry properly in 2013, a year after I really moved to Boston,” he explains. “I started interning at a studio as an engineer and on my own time I was meeting people in bands and filming and cutting their content.”

Star organized a benefit concert for The Boston One Fund with all the contacts he made, and that sparked the work with his first producer, Jon "Clark" Henshaw at Moon Rock Sound. They both co-produced an LP together, and at the same time he was meeting the members of the band. After he toured that album over the summer of 2015 and came back to Boston, they formed The Sunset Kings as a production group because he was writing songs to pitch to artists I was meeting at shows. Star also talked about his personal favorite experience as a music artist - getting close to everyone who involves themselves with our music. “As a writer, I've always aimed for the rawest truth I could pull out of myself in the present moment, and I've always had that standard for myself..” he continues, “it feels good to have done the work of gaining that awareness about myself, sharing it and bringing it to life with my bandmates, and then to meet people who accept those truths and just want to show up and experience the ups and downs of life together.” Star then talks more about himself and the people who other artists would consider "fans", he reached out to them personally and invited them to events, rehearsals, or even festivals that they’ve played. He added that he has gone as far as sleeping in the backseat of his car at a festival so people could take a bed or a couch in the cabin or hotel room, “I feel like I've lived a lot of cool moments in my life because of people who opened up what they had to me, and I don't think about it like paying it forward,” he continued, “it's just remembering how much it turned my life around to have someone who accepted me for all my messiness and really living the truth of that feeling out.”

The Sunset KIng’s Youtube channel is one of Star’s favorite creation, he tells us he creates content for every Sunday since the beginning of quarantine and have watch grow steadily. “I said to myself in 2020, ‘I’m done putting myself in situations where I feel like I'm waiting around on people to notice I need support. 2020 is going to be about consistency’” And in every sense of the word, it has been. Star thinks about consistency, talk about it in every conversation, try and hyperfocus on where he doesnt feel. He tells us that he is being consistent with his values, and try to notice when people aren't consistent in their thoughts and words toward others, as well as when they are, and how that consistency (or lack thereof) impacts people.

Star’s message to his supporters/audience: “I’ve been meditating a lot the past couple months on committing to yourself. I guess what I've come up with at the moment is don't commit to yourself out of spite for what you think you should or shouldn't be experiencing. Commit to yourself because showing up for yourself will teach you a lot about how to show up for others when that time comes.”

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Promo for their latest video

Symphony Blues IG Promo.mp4 -is now available on Youtube!

Their latest video is a collaboration between RGV Vipers Dance Squad member and community organizer Kate Astom, with music composed by Star and Neumi of The Sunset Kings.



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