A few years back, Samantha Powers was at the front row of a Bryson tiller concert front row, she noticed a photographer who happened to be a girl. Being inspired by the photographer, she thought about started her own career as a photographer as well. "Before I had always loved taking pictures so when I saw her, I was like, 'this is what I wanna do. I wanna be able to capture artists during their best moments including their shows,' so I ended up taking pictures on my phone and they came out crazy good." From there, she got a camera and stared taking portraits for people then got into the concert industry by meeting people. reaching out and working hard.

Since 2017 back when Samantha started, she mentioned that her favorite shots were from when she saw Tory Lanez, "I really like the picture because I was able to capture all his ice, that means jewelry," she contented on and said that the A boogie shot was her favorite, "I just love that one because the moment was priceless and his smile."

SP added that her inspiration is Gunnerstahl, then she talked about what she wished she knew when she first started her career, "one thing I wish I knew when I started, I’d say is that it’s a long road to success in this career.. it takes time, lots of work, reaching out and finding clients."

SP's message to her clients/supporters: "For my clients, I can work with peoples budgets, I do mostly concerts so if you're a local artist, don’t be afraid to contact me. I also do portraits, contact me for a shoot!"


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