Blogger ShayHertz, but you can call her Shay, has always been attracted to art growing up. "I have always been involved with all different art forms, but as I have gotten older I have come to realize how important photographing our time on this Earth can be," she mentioned.

Shay went on sharing her thoughts and says that on photos can tell someone a whole story, it can inform us about current, past, and even how to create a better future. She is a journalism student at The University Of Arizona where professors at the school have shown her the importance of photo, "I never envision my photography before it happens. I need everything to be in the moment, natural, and real," she continued, "I do not like to put filters or enhance the photo because I believe the most beautiful picture is in its natural form!"

Shay mentions that she goes go to bed at night envisioning projects that she will someday be able to conquer. She hopes to travel the world telling the stories of life, amongst different people to open people’s eyes to new ideas. When Shay found her passion, she got her first camera when she was fourteen, and brought the camera everywhere she went, "it helped living next to a big city because the sensory overload made for great scenery for my photography," she remembered, "it was a Canon EOS Rebel T3, and it was perfect for beginning."

Photographer, Shay, shows us her favorite picture she has captured so far, she continues on how she loves the simplicity of her work in the photo. "It is so simple, the sky meeting the sand dunes in New Mexico with my two roommates in the photo. The shadowing and how vibrant the colors came out also is why I love this photo so much," she continued. The photo was taken in October of 2019.

Shay was inspired by the people she grew up with, she comes from a long line of painters, sketch artists, and watercolor painters, photographers, etc, but her sister, Lauren. has influenced her artwork more than any celebrity or artist. "From a young age, she always would sit me down and paint pictures with me. With her being ten years older, I thought she was the most prized artist in the world," she shared. Her sister continued to inspire when she went on to even have her own art show through the years, "although she mainly focuses on sketch work, acrylic paint, and watercolors, who she is as an artist has shaped who I am as a person."





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