SAINT LYOR, an artist from Brockton, MA - opens up to us about his passion for music. His interest sparked when he was only 13 years old, “I always had a passion for music but never got into becoming an artist only until some of my friends from high school started producing,” he explained. Because of them, he started playing around with beats, making his own songs then eventually evolving into an artist.

While talking about his experiences of being an artist, he mentioned that the live shows is his favorite part. “It gives me the chance to express myself freely and be in a space where that’s okay, he expressed. He added that he also loves the writing process, saying that figuring out a certain song is always fun. SAINT’s new EP “If My Sins Could Talk” is his favorite piece he has created, it is important for him to release that project getting some things off his chest emotionally. SAINT LYOR’s message to his supporters/audience: “I want my audience to know that I’m here to build something real. Something that is based on a true sense of community and friendship. I want them to know that the art I make is just a reflection of that. I’m making cool shit that brings us closer together, forces us to have dialogue and question what we value.”





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