Ronny Llama

Ronny Llama from Dominican Republic, who currently live in Allston, reps all of Boston since he has lived in Dorchester, JP, Roxbury, Brighton, Hyde Park, and Mattapan.

He officially dove into the music industry in January 2019, when he released his first album “Give It A Year." He has always been around music since he was younger, whether it was dancing, or drumming growing up.

Ronny mentioned that his favorite piece is the entire project “Give It A Year.”

"It’s not just 9 tracks thrown together, its a journey. If i’m forced to pick one song, my favorite is Barry Bonds." He continued on and said that his creative process involves going through "some bullsh*t in life" and he sits down and lies the emotions on his beats. Somewhere along the road, he gets amped enough where he starts singing a hook "and next thing you know I have a song." Llama's favorite part about bring an artist is simply being able to let out his emotions into his music, not having them bottled up.

Ronny wants you, his audience, to know to "Give It A Year." Give It A Year, and we’ll be better.





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