Renee Lamy

Five years ago, Renee Lamy, an artist from Worcester, MA, started taking her music career seriously. Her passion for music is so strong that she felt that the music industry has always been the destination, "I love the artistry side as well as the business side. It’s so fast paced and constantly changing so I find it exciting and a constant new challenge," she added. When we asked what was her favorite piece that she created, she laughed, "picking a favorite piece feels like picking a favorite child!" She continued on and said that her second single “Losing Game” will always hold an extra special place in her heart because it was really therapeutic for her to write, "I wrote it about less-than-ideal situation I was going through and writing that song gave me clarity and closure. That song holds a lot of memories and meaning to me and that’s one of the amazing things about songs."

Renee's favorite part about being an artist is the opportunity it gives her to connect with people. She mentioned one of the most amazing feedback she has received when releasing a song is that the person listening to it 'related to the song,' "that’s crazy to me!" she added, "I put my situation and emotions out there, someone listened to it and identified with it. I know nothing about that person and they don’t know much about me but we do know that we feel the same while we relate to the same situations and that’s all we need to know. And that’s amazing to me. It sounds so cliche, but music just has a way of connecting us all, and if I can have a part in creating some of that connection then that’s everything to me."

Renee Lamy's message to her supporters and audience: "I want my audience to know that I have a happy song coming, I promise! My last 3 singles have been on the sadder side of love and I’m working on a happier one, so just wait! I also want anyone that has ever listened to my music to know that I am so grateful for them. It is so crazy to me that people listen to something I create and relate to it, like it, dance to it, or anything! It means the world to me so thank you, thank you, thank you a million times."









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