Notebook P

What is the name you go by + where are you from?

"I go by Notebook P, and I am primarily a vocalist and songwriter from Randolph."

When did you start your journey with music? How did you start?

"My music journey started when I was about 8 years old, finding out I can hold a note by fake singing with my brothers. It continued in a new light when I had my first solo in my church choir at 13. Even more so at 15, writing songs about a crush in high school, then grew exponentially at 21 (late 2015), when I mustered up the courage to actually release music."

What is your favorite experience(s) as a creator?

"My favorite experiences might not seem that exciting; finishing/writing a new song, creating something with my friends, learning new cadences/flows, new production, and when people can connect to my lyrics or songs."

What is something you feel that people don’t see behind the scenes?

"I feel like is widely known, but I feel like people really don’t see the work, effort, the emotional ride, and the sacrifices that are made behind each record or lyric being released, even before they’re announced."

Do you do anything else you would like to share? What do you do in your free time?

"I like to dabble in a lot, but I’d say in my free time I’m drawing, watching anime/reading manga, watching MCU theory speculation videos, playing video games, trying to dance, practice my vocals, or simply hanging with my friends."

What is something you feel that goes unnoticed about artists like you?

"I guess something that would go unnoticed about artists like me is how low my confidence level actually is compared to what it “should be” in theory. I am my own worst critic, so there’s a lot of internal debates and self reassurance that comes into play."

What are some accomplishments you’ve done during your journey? What are some challenges you faced, and how did you overcome them?

"My personal accomplishments consist of meeting remarkable people in this field, getting a Boston Music Award nomination, releasing a full project, bettering my vocals, learning about myself a lot more. I think my biggest challenges were putting myself out there in the first

place and balancing life obstacles with creating. I still kind of struggle to put myself out there because of my anxiety but it’s been increasingly easier to do so over time. Balancing life and creating music is still a challenge, only because life has brand new obstacles everyday, but I can say that I’ve learned to handle it a lot better and sort my thoughts out to release properly."

What is some advice you’d like to give to artists like you?

"My only pieces of advice I can give to other artists are: Be kind to yourself, see your ideas through, take mental breaks, work with others, practice your self awareness, and never stop learning."

Notebook P's message to you! "My supporters and audience should know that my appreciation is beyond words, y’all are quite literally fueling what I only ever saw as cool dream, so I can’t ever be thankful enough. I always consider what my audience might want to hear from me, while also being sure to give them something refreshing to connect to that isn’t typically heard in music." FEATURED HERE ↴


TikTok: @notebookp

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