Alison Hallett is an amazing artist from Malden, Massachusetts. When it comes to her art, she likes to be known as Ninefemme, she explains her name, "a combination of my life path number and being a wlw, meaning women loving women." She opens up to us and says that she started creating art as young as 10 years old, "back then, drawing was something that I just enjoyed doing but as I’ve gotten older it’s become something that brings me a lot of peace," she continues, "watching anime when I was younger was a big inspiration."

Alison shares her favorite experience as an artist which has been simply sharing her art with the world, "it’s something I never thought I’d have the courage to do, and having people reach out to me to do work for them is so gratifying." She shares her goals and one of them is to eventually have her own business selling art, "whether it be on clothes, prints, posters, etc." Her favorite piece she had created so far is her green-haired alien six-eyes alien, she tells us, "I love that she looks simultaneously beautiful and bizarre."

Alison Hallett's message to her audience/supporters: "I appreciate them all, every single like, comment, or follow means the world to me, even if we’ve never met. And to do whatever makes you genuinely happy. I stopped making art for years and ever since I’ve gotten back into it I’ve been a lot happier. Everyone starts from somewhere." CONTACT:





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