NaijahNine, from Boston, shares her journey as an artist with us mentioning that she has been drawing and painting since before she could remember, "I took it more seriously in high school and from there I had aspirations to create for the rest of my life."Art began as a therapeutic outlet for NaijahNine, she opens up and says that it was her ticket to a world of infinite possibilities and self expression that she couldn’t access otherwise, "soon enough it became my life calling." Other than creating, she also enjoys gaming in her free time! She added that she is a 'nerd' and often indulge in games like Overwatch, Persona 5 and Pokémon, "other than gaming, I am a tea enthusiast and enjoy experimenting with blends."

One of NaijahNine's favorite pieces created is the piece called 'Legna,' "it felt like a return to my roots of combining traditional painting with collage," she expressed, "I began it with little planning and allowed the process and emotion direct the outcome of the piece." Her best experience as an artist has been creating her first solo mural in Cambridge Massachusetts! "I’ve been directing the subject matter of my art to tackle social justice and political topics," she shared, "the opportunity to fully throw myself into the work as well as impact the public was one of the most fulfilling prospects in art career."

NaijahNine's message to her audience/supporters:

"My message to my audience regarding my work is to create their own meaning for it. I enjoy hearing different interpretations of my work and having conversations regarding the topics it tackles. My work is very emotion driven, and all I ask if for my audience to connect with that in their own authentic way."


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