Myth Boston

Myth Boston is a brand made in Dorchester, MA, involving the team Dodson Boston (DB), LA the co-founder and model, Johmarie (@Infamous_Jo) the photographer, and the rest of the MYTH Clan. Myth Boston sells jackets, sweatshirts, t-shirts, jerseys, hats, sweatpants, and windbreakers. The owner of the brand, Dodson, told us, "the love for streetwear, clothing, and unique designs are big inspirations for the brand," he continued, "in terms of 'Myth', I genuinely am interested in Mythology and reading all the stories man has made over time." He wanted to share his knowledge and have the brand convey the message that anyone could be anything.

"There are Myth’s that certain people can’t do this or that when in reality when can do and believe in ANYTHING we want to, it’s our human right," Dodson expressed. He also shared his favorite experiences with the brand, going to different shows at schools and meeting the people that put all the work into the shows, shout out to them."

Before that, every time one of their ideas comes to life and the people like it, Dodson said that it will forever humble them, "we love everyone who supports! We want all of yall to stay cozy, stay fly, and continuing to go against paths and myths that society tries to force you to live by. Live your life and stay fly!"






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