Myles Olivier, also known as MOVYBZ, is from the Greater Boston area. He officially made his first mark in the music industry January 1st, 2019.  He mentioned that he always loved musicologists of all different genres and he has always loved singing, but never thought to take it seriously until people continuously were encouraging him to do it. He started off by recording a little track in August of 2018, and from there he was interested. MOVYBZ's first official feature was with JP of East on a track titled “How Bad”.

Myles's favorite song he has created so far is “Realize”. "It was my debut single, and I really put my heart into it.  I got to display my melodic/reggae type of vibe, while still getting my message across. That song is basically about me admitting to some of my past mistakes and realizing my potential."

We asked him how does his creative process work, he responded that for him, it could go one of three ways. He could be randomly inspired by something taking place that day or a dilemma in his life at the time. Or he could hear a beat that he likes and start freestyling to it, trying to find a melody. "Or I intentionally go on a beat search on YouTube or BeatStars to find a beat. Once I find a beat I get to writing."

MOVYBZ added that his favorite part about being a music artist is FREEDOM. "I can say whatever I want however I want to say it. I also like the networking aspect of it because I get to meet so many creative ass people, and get inspired by them. " He wants his audience to know that they’ll always get the real him, and that he loves them if they're supporting him. He also said that they can do anything they want when it comes to their own personal life. "Just stay true and keep going!"






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