Moeday is an artist, that started his career 2 years ago, from Detroit, Michigan. He started off by telling us, "I have always been interested in music even as a child, I'd say the thing that really got me hooked was when I started to listen to metal and rock it really shaped me into the artist I am today." One of Moeday's favorite pieces he created is his latest song, "love me." The way he creates is really a spur of the moment, "a snapshot if you will, it's hard for me to retain vibes unless its really strong," he added.

Moeday's favorite part about being an artist is letting all his feelings and emotions out in his music. He mentioned that he's a really personal person so he doesn't really vent to anyone at all, and keeps to himself. He puts it all in his music to relieve his stress and he added that he doesn't know how he would survive if he didn't have music.

When we asked what would Moeday like his audience/supporters to know, he said, "I want them to know its okay to be themselves! They should believe in themselves as well. I know thats kind of cliche but people really need to be reminded that. There are so many amazing and talented people out there and they don't even realize it because they let themselves or other people put them down."






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