Miss iPad

Miss iPad, from Warrington PA but now based in Boston, started her career about a year ago. She mentioned that she only started making music because, "why the heck not! But now I think I’m getting decent enough to take it more seriously." Miss iPad has always been drawn to music naturally, but she was always afraid to express herself because she didn't want to be made fun of. Now, she's able to express herself through art school, "So I was like f*ck the basic hoes. I’m gonna be a musician and you’re gonna like it!" LOPH asked what was her favorite piece she've created so far, she responded, "My favorite piece I’ve created so far is actually not finished yet, but it’s already my favorite. It’s called,

Mr. iPad. As for finished pieces, “All I Can Say” is definitely my favorite. It comes out August 23rd!" She also mentioned that her creative process is kinda silly. She does everything in her room. "I sort of just f*ck around with the guitar with lyrics in mind or I’ll f*ck around writing lyrics with an instrumental in mind." She added that sometimes she'll also get distracted and start playing the harmonica, or the ukulele. She used to want to be a ukulele girl, "but not many people were really with it so now I’m back to guitar!"

iPad's favorite part about being a musical artist is making promotional videos for her content, "it’s fun to put my songs to the beat of silly videos and put them on my little twitter! I also feel like music is the only medium that I’ve been able to express myself in a serious manner, so it’s fun to be fearless like that!"

Our last question for Miss iPad, what would she want her audience to know. She wants to know that you should not be afraid to do your own thing! "It’s so much fun to not give any sh*ts. Also I have a twitter account. @missipadmusic! Shout out to my twitter followers, I want to kiss each of them on the forehead."

EMAIL: missipadmusic@gmail.com

TWITTER: twitter.com/missipadmusic

INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/missipadmusic

LINKEDIN: Devon Vonder Schmalz

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7mMaHSi27BBgWYqfiodYKG?si=bNGw2XWKQYiHBFayJBMjOg



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