Maryann Murray

Maryann Murray, from outside of Boston, said that she's been networking and performing since 2 years ago but this year she started as an artist. What drove Maryann to be part of the music industry is the community and the drive it takes, she mentioned that she loves the magic and power in music and performing. She also added that "Stay" and "No Good" has been the biggest and the most emotional shifting piece for her.

Maryann said that her favorite part about being a music artist is. "that I’m fulfilling my life’s destiny. I never really think about that sort of thing, but honestly it’s knowing I’ve wanted this since I was two years old and I've been practicing to become my best artist."

 She wants her audience to know that she wants you to be inspired by how much she loves performing for them and singing. "I want them to understand my message about sexual trauma and how you can find healing in music from it."







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