Marie Elodie

Starting off by letting us know about her name, she says, "my artist name is part of the 3 first names my parents gave me. From Tiffany Marie Elodie, I chose to call my music persona Marie Elodie, since it can conveniently be abbreviated as M.Elodie or M.E." She continued on talking about how she is from a small city in the alpine region of Austria, called Innsbruck. Growing up, she was always surrounded by mountains and forests which made her appreciative of the beauty nature brings with it, "I absolutely love my home, however for my love for music and ambition to becoming a professional in the music Industry, I had to leave the nest and go explore the big world."

As Marie got older in the country side of Austria, nature has always been a big part of her life. Wanting to communicate this feeling somehow, she started to write songs and poems about things that are important to her. Other than wanting to advocate for social and environmental issues, she wanted to express her relatable stories about love, friendship and family, "just as much as wanting to move people emotionally, I want to move people literally and make music, people can dance and have a good time to."  Marie attended Berklee College of Music in Boston where her career in music first started, "suddenly I was surrounded by so many like-minded people and musically inspired and motivated people that organically I started to see myself as a working musician," she added. She learned an immense amount throughout her years at Berklee and mentioned that she is thankful for all the amazing experiences and relationships she got to form through a mutual love for creating music.

When we asked Elodie which of her pieces did she favor, she expressed how hard it was to choose since all her songs were different. ‘Dreaming’, which is her latest single, "definitely the most dancy song I’ve released and it’s so much fun to listen to. It’s a true feel-good song. While I love making people feel good, I also think it’s necessary to raise awareness and communicate things through my music that are important in our world today." She went on to tell us that one of her favourite and most meaningful songs she has written so far, is an unreleased tune which tells the story about a girl having to flee her home country due to the refugee crisis in Europe, "I believe that topics like these need to be put in relatable scenarios in order for people to understand and care, and music is the best way of doing so," she added. Marie loves that she gets to express herself through her music and every artistic aspect that comes with it while forming meaningful connection with other musicians and her audience.

Marie Elodie's message to her audience/supporters:

I love connecting with people through my music. Artists not only create but also shape and influence the culture of a generation. Every day, I am motivated and inspired to create, thereby contributing to that culture.




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