Last Breed

Last Breed is a clothing brand founded in Boston, Massachusetts. The brand sells shirts, joggers, slides, phone cases, and pillows. "Last Breed is a movement that aims to fill a void that is apparent in the clothing and fashion industry. All our clothing is a call to action, which aims to empower and embolden the individual wearing it. Our logo is the black rhino. Its an interesting creature because it's on top of its food chain," founder Edosa Osemwegie tells us, "at Last breed, we feel like the Black Rhino. We believe in our abilities and therefore only we can prevent ourselves from reaching our goals. The black rhino is persistent. At Last Breed, we go after what we want because only we can help ourselves."

Last Breed's best experience so far is getting the recognition that they deserve, "which was last year around this time. It was fun to get our name out there to people who had never heard of us and we had a lot of orders at that time," they continued to tell us.

Last Breed's message to their audience/supporters: "Unlike most other brands, Last Breed is about acknowledging the greatness in you. Each one of us has something that makes us stand out from the crowd and we have to realize that and use it for the greater good!"

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