Keven Jacques

Keven Jacques, also goes by TK, which is short for Triple Keys. Keven added that Triple Keys might sound odd but initially, he was a producer back in high school and Triple Keys was his producing name. Kevin started off by sharing that he didn't see himself having a photography career in the past, "it kind of just happened. I was into the whole JDM car scene and was tired of scheduling shoots with local photographers then decided to buy my own camera one day during summer 2017 from my buddy Moiez to start taking pictures of my car which was modded at the time," he added. Keven was already familiar with adobe softwares like photoshop, lightroom, audition, because of a high school multimedia class. "Photography kind of clicked. One day towards the end of summer 2017, I changed the subject from my car to one of my friends and I never looked back since."

When we asked Keven what was his favorite piece or shoot that he has created, he responded and said that when it comes to his work, he doesn't have any favorites because there are times where a picture he puts the least effort and thoughts on tends to get more feedback than a picture that was very conceptual. "However, I can say any content of mine that are publicly available are my favorites because at one point during those 'photoshoots' I got to see the subject smile and be self confident which are great feelings that tends to be contagious," he continued. Knowledge about artificial lighting, shutter speed, aperture, ISO value would of been a huge help for when TK when he started taking pictures, "however thanks to  youtube university, over time it worked out perfectly."

Keven's message to his audience/supporters: "I use photography/visuals as a means to expand my audience for the different other services that I provide. Once I have allocated enough income in my other areas my main goal is to be able to provide free portraits to anybody. I feel like it can get deeper than just taking a picture because in that moment that person gets to forget about all the self-hatred they could be dealing with or being able to get a smile from somebody who may be struggling with their day. To me, there's a huge psychological benefit in doing what I do and if I'm able to get something out of it.. the least I can do is help as much people feel what I feel then worry about the cash flow later."


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