Kay Wattz

Kay Wattz, from Boston, started her music career at 20 when she recorded her first song, but she has been writing songs since she was 12 years old. "I always knew music would be apart of my life, I just didn’t realize how much it would be. I always wanted to be a voice for those who never felt they had one. My passion keeps me going and I love the music journey, the ups the downs all of it," she added.

Kay's favorite piece is called “When Did You Fall in Love with HipHop.” It can be found on her 2nd mixtape. She said that it's her favorite because, "that question is one that’s always played in my mind over time and reminds me why I go so hard, HipHop always went hard for me." Wattz's favorite part about being a music artist is connecting with many people from all different walks of life with the same passion. She mentioned that music has opened up so many doors for her and she's happy that she gets to put out messages that relate to so many. 

Kay Wattz's message to her audience and supporters: "I want my audience to know being yourself is the best way to go always. No one can be you better then you and don’t let the world miss out on how amazing you are because you didn’t show them. Shine bright every chance you get, trust me people are watching and authenticity will always make the world a better place."

CONTACT: kisiwattz@gmail.com

INSTAGRAM: instagram, com/officialkaywattz



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