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Flavia DeSousa, the ceo of Joyful. She was born in Conçeicão do Araguaia, Brasil. but came to America when she was 3 years young. She lived in the Somerville/Medford area of Massachusetts since. Flavia has a website based on mental health, and primarily coping skills. She also has a few of her poems and currently has blog post about a coping skill (journaling.) She mentioned that she has many more blogs to come. She also sells journals and coping cards but many more coping tools will be added in the days to come. She creates original art work for purchase. She added that she noticed that creating and appreciating art helps her and brightens her mood, She wants spread that appreciation to the world. This is something Flavia is proud of, go give her love and support!

"I would love for people to submit written work, research, poetry, or anything they have that is mental health related to my business email at so I can have new and different stories and tips!"

When asked what would Flavia want her audience to know that, she responded and said that she is always here and is simply there to help them find new coping mechanism that is safe and healthy. "I am someone who has struggled with my mental health for years and finally feel like I am in a stable place. The "about" section of my website explains my intentions with the site and some background."

DeSousa said that she has lots of favorite quotes but one that helps her a lot, "This too shall pass." She mentioned that she has been through so many hardships and struggles that when she is faced with an obstacle, saying this mantra to herself helps, "because I know that all this pass," she added. "It is more-so to remind myself that I will not be stuck in any bad situation forever and I am strong and capable of getting through it."

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