Jordan Scott

Jordan Scott, based in CT, started his photography career about two years ago. His interest first sparked when he was a little kid being obsessed with taking pictures with disposable cameras. Then visiting an art museum, two years ago, and seeing a long exposure photograph that took eight hours to achieve really started his want to learn more about photography. Other than the long exposure inspiring him, he mentioned another inspiration, Devin Allen, "the way is able to capture everyday life in black and white is incredible," he continued.

The second photo below shown, is Jordan's favorite photo he has created. After struggling to pick his favorite he said, " I have to say the Nun in the cemetery. We went to, what is considered the most 'haunted,' cemetery in my home state. And the way my model posed with the black and white theme - it looks very creepy. It combines the two things I love about photography; spooky and black & white." There are some things Scott wished he knew before he started his photography career, "lighting is the most important thing," he mentioned, "also be patient."

Jordan's message to his audience/supporters:

"I love what I do and see myself as an artist. I don't just take a picture. I create."





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