Jonnie Bars

Jonnie Bars; who grew up in Pomona, California (Planet Underground) shared his story on how he started rapping six years ago. "I use to go to a place in Pomona called 'The Dope Spot', for open mics! They have it on Monday's, once a month. Local poets, comedians, singers & rappers would come by and perform a piece," he continued to tell us the great thing about the Dope Spot is that it’s a community of creatives that respect and encourage one another. "Going to the open mics inspired me to write raps to perform, everything just took off from there!"

Jonnie's favorite project of his is the most recent, which is called “Planet Underground.” "It promotes positivity and being able to overcome struggles or obstacles," he explains, "it’s representing where I come from and what the community of Pomona has inspired out of me!" Bars also shares his favorite part about being an artist is being able to create. He says that writing and creating songs is something he truly loves to do. Jonnie is very passionate about his work and music, "it’s a blessing to have a gift or a purpose that you love to pursue." He takes creating as a therapy and a good way for him to release how he's feeling or what he's thinking.

Jonnie's message to his audience and supporters: "I just released “Planet Underground” on all music platforms! Please check that out!"

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