Jonn.beatty, from DeKalb, Georgia, started his music career and have been writing since 7th grade but his first release was in March 2019. H mentioned that his favorite music piece of his is an Upcoming EP. "On release away, but you amazing people deserve a private listening." When asked about his creative process, he responded, "ahead of my time - the bag is multiple projects deep mixed with freestyles, full songs, & feature slots. I like to bring levity to pain & tribulations to enable listeners who may not be familiar with the disenfranchised view of the struggle can also absorb the ideology of this struggle."

John's favorite part about being a music artist is, "ushering in a new challenging standard of content where my homies, sisters, suburban coworkers and my God fearing mother can all consider the same song lyrical fire"

When asked what would John like his audience to know, he said that it’s no gimmick - just all love. He continued on and said, "I’m not in it for a record deal, i’m not in it for the clout. each and every record is intended to shatter your understanding of what rap should be. we’ve been boxed in by people who don’t represent our ideals and often don’t know a thing about how the majority of us actually think, behave and live. it’s about time we take control of our own narrative, and shed love and positivity to the children who listen to our music."



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