For today's feature, we asked Jefe Clothing who is originally made in Boston, and launched in September of 2018, some questions about it's brand and it's reasoning behind it. This is what they said:

Jefe is an urban establishment which aims to help people discover what they’re capable of. We want people to be More Than a Boss and understand that there is no limit to further themselves. 

What products do you sell to your customers? 

Since our most recent release, we’ve made public the distinction between Jefe and Jefebyjefe. Jefe is an urban collection to be worn as desired while Jefebyjefe is its luxury extension to be worn on occasion.

What are the things you would want your customers/audience to know about your brand? 

As our brand promotes being More Than a Boss, we strive to do extend beyond designing clothes. Within the next couple of months and thereafter, we will begin fulfilling our goals by giving back to local communities. Through frequent events, donations and more, we will lead by example to demonstrate our audience what being “More Than a Boss” truly means.  






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