"My stage name is HRTBRK, Hrtbrk comes from a company i started called sluttiboiz, it was a skate gang. We would go to parties and just get wild! My name was Lil thottie, Because back in the day girls in high school would call me a player. So I chose to just call my self a slut. there was a fall out with the company so I decided to keep the HEARTBREAK from the logo and made my self HRTBRK." People think HRTBRK comes from being heartbroken, he mentioned that he has been heartbroken before and he has been in a couple relationships that were horrible but he doesn't let those hurt him, he lets them empower him. "So my HRTBRK stands for all the people that have been hurt but want to grow and break out of that feeling. I was in a dark place in my life for a while and now that I’m growing, my HRTBRK is empowering. If I wasn't heartbroken, I wouldn't be here today."

HRTBRK is from Brazil, lived in NYC, and now is here in Boston. He has also spent time on an island for a little, Martha’s Vineyard. He added that he never really been an artist but he's been into music for a while. So he used to manage an artist name, "Truey," he goes by "Bouve" now. "Good person, we fell off but his career still is going and he’s doing great." It was about 10 months ago that he decided to get off the streets, he mentioned that he totaled my car on purpose. So with the insurance check, he went to the guitar center and "just balled out." He added that he cracked logic and started learning, then reached out to other people in the game and gained more knowledge. 

One of HRTBRK's favorite pieces he has created so far is a record that isn’t released yet! It’s called "Need Ya Luv," it’s more of a club record, he added. He said that it was going on his album and that he incorporated my Portuguese into the record! "I love it, can’t wait to share it with y’all." He loves love creating, and said that it's the best part of music because nothing is wrong you can do whatever you want to do! As far as him, he just searches around for a beat, or someone sends him one. He'll get in the booth and play around with some melodies with the auto tune on. "Not even word just like humming and playing around with it until I hear something I like, also I record it and then I’ll come back to it and add the words in."

HRTBRK's favorite part about being a music artist is everything. "I’ve grown to everything in this. From learning how to make my own covers to mixing and punching in. Everyday is a growing process though and everything great comes with time!"

He has opened his own studio now, located in Salem Ma. He mentioned that this one of the best things that has came out of music for him as of right now. "To walk in and know that I own my own studio space to create and to being clients and help them create as well."

What HRYBRK would like his audience to know is to be patient. "I’ve been putting out a couple singles but i’m working on a album. It’s coming very soon. I don’t want to give a date yet because I want everything to come when the timing is perfect. Again, like I said, I own my own studio called HRTBRK STUDIOS and we are based out of Salem MA. We do take clients! Atlantic Records is behind us with the marketing and distribution, a lot more coming from their side. Working on a lot of different music lately, dance music has been a big one! I also wanna shout you guys out for allowing me to be part of what you have going on here. This is beautiful. Things like this are going to change the world. Having your arms open to artist that want to be heard on a dream there chasing. This music industry isn’t easy. If anyone wants to contact me, my managements email is everything can be discussed there."





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