Griz Gusto

Griz Gusto, from Waltham, MA started his music career by recording music since he was 12 years old. He added that Biggie Smalls sparked his interest because of the way he told stories and how he painted pictures with his lyrics. "RIP to a legend." Griz's favorite piece of his that he has created so far is his debut album, “Talk to Me.”

"It's my best work yet. With that being said, my next work is my best work and so on."

Griz mentioned that his creative process is usually on the train going into work or while driving, He listens to a variety of instrumentals. "Iʼm sure a lot of artists can relate when I

say that beats have this way of telling you what subject matter to speak on. Normally, whichever beat resonates with me the most is the one Iʼll spend time listening to while letting the creative juices do the rest. I try to paint pictures with my music."

When LOPH asked Griz about his favorite part about being a music artist, he responded, "my favorite part about being an artist is knowing that the music I make is relatable to the listener. I want the listener to feel a connection with me as if they know me just by the experiences I share." He also added that he appreciates the respect he receives from his peers. He appreciates and acknowledges the support he gets, not only from them, but from all his fans. It is what keeps him going!

Gusto wants his audience to know he is extremely versatile when it comes to making music. He can give you music for every mood. Whether it's the slow jams for you and your partner or the uptempo turn up music for the pregame to even the raw/grimy rap for his fans that still appreciate that. "I am the complete package and I hope to make a fan out of you."







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