Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Greyhound, is from Massachusetts and raised in Belmont which is a small suburb in the Boston area. He opens up and says that he has a story to tell. He talks about trauma and drug addiction, amongst with other things. He started his career in the music industry this past January. He's been making music since he was 11, but just recently decided it was the path he was willing to walk on. "I have grown so much since actually committing myself to my musical goals. I could have grown so much more had I chosen to work on my music more heavily earlier on, but I don't dwell on the past," he added.

Greyhound's love for music has grew his entire life. He played various instruments since he was 8 and bass guitar since 11 years old. Hip hop is his main genre that came into his life when he was about 12. He added that he wanted to be in a band before that as he had a serious obsession with Green Day, amongst other bands. However, when hip hop came into his life, he felt such a connection. "I could relate so much to the isolation and being counted out that people talked about. I was such a loner growing up and really shy and angry, so when I found rap it was an outlet. I started writing at 13 and realized quickly that I wasn't half bad," he mentioned.

A favorite piece of Greyhound's creation is "No Tomorrow." It's off his project "Out of the Shadows", which dropped this past August. He mentioned that it is certainly his most vulnerable work, he opens up and talk in detail about his drug addiction, and he also sings and rap on the same track. He said, "it's not even a style that I will use all the time, but it really works for that song. It's less about how many syllables I can crunch in one bar, and more about being honest and vulnerable."

Greyhound says that his process of creating really varies. Sometimes he'll hear a beat, and immediately have an idea, then quickly throw together a hook or 16 bar verse and go from there. Sometimes he will write a song in one writing session, but then sometimes it'll take him months. He added, "all I know is, I'm usually overly critical of my work and it takes a lot for me to release things to the public. My 30for30 challenge on Instagram has helped me walk through that fear by dropping new stuff daily." His favorite part of being a music artist is creating. He is determined to make this into a career. As he said, he has always loved music since he was very young and he believes and knows it's what he's meant to do. "I can feel it in my soul. I love the creative process. The feeling of presenting the work is daunting, but also very rewarding." So let's all give him the support he deserves!

Greyhound's message to his audience and supporters:

"I want my audience to know that I will be getting better each day! That's a big part of my message. I am also having my music done professionally going forward. I've learned a lot through recording in my bedroom booth, but I want my stuff to sound top tier, within a reasonable budget of course."











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