Kejaun Tate, who is also known as GrandPrix, is from Texas. He is 1/2 of Rebirth.

Kejaun is a creative scholar, meaning that he is enrolled a nationally accredited bachelors program for forensic science. In his free time, he dwells into his creative side by creating in the vids of the market, everything from workshops, fashion shows, to start up ideas under the umbrella or rebirth. When asked what would he like his audience to know, he responded, "My audience should be aware that my journey is one, we all can connect to in a way shape or form, meaning I create for everyone drawing from all inspirations! I want to be able to redefine wealth eventually but in the mean time I am pushing to add to the creative narrative that circulates artist and science community."

Kejaun's favorite quote is something he said in a speech and it has stuck to him since, “I'm the idea that will change the world”



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