Gahel Ligonde

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Gahel Ligonde, who also goes by Guy Solo, started his photography career back in 2016. He mentioned that he would just be on the internet going over what aperture, shutter speed is, when to use it, how to take certain shots and other things related to photography. What sparked his career was his interests in film photography, "Film photography is a form of photography that was used before the digital age that we are in now. The reason why I preferred that, or gravitated to that was because of the feeling I got from seeing popular images from famous photographers like Arnold Newman. I got a sense of nostalgia and the feeling as if I was there myself. Also, I like to challenge myself so when I started photography I wanted to learn as much things as I can in that art form."

Out of all of Gahel's work, his favorite images are from the Saint Pablo Tour on September 3, 2016, and the Summer Sixteen Tour on August 20, 2016. He continued on why these are his favorite images saying that it was his first attempt at taking photos at live concerts, especially for music artists of that magnitude. It was challenging because he was trying to find the right timing to capture the moment at which the performers are at their peak was hard. He then mentioned, "there’s so much happening as well during concerts. People are constantly moving around, the lighting is constantly changing, and you have to adapt to all that in such a short amount of time that if you aren’t ready then you’ve just missed out on a whole lot of detailed moments. You have to be mentally ready for all that."

When we asked GuySolo who influences him, he responded that he's very careful when it comes to that due to the fact that if he look towards one or more persons art work it could initiate imitation. "But, its all about how you go about analyzing that persons art work. I would say Anthony Hillard, Ro.lexx, Simon Aslund are artists that come to mind right now as influencers of my work."

One thing Gahel wished he knew when he started taking photos is that the lifestyle is "hella expensive!" He gave advice and told us to save every dollar you make and never, never, never drop your worth as a photographer or artist in general. "You will meet people who try to take a short cut or try to be cheap with you. Don’t ever take shorts from them, ever. If you or anyone considers your work to be good don’t drop your worth for anyone. People will flake on you but if you keep it pushing the right people will come."

Gahel wants you to know that he is easily approachable. He'll work with you to get whatever you need done in a reasonable manner, so hit him up!





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