An artist born in Boston, FRCKLS, was adopted and raised in the Merrimack Valley area. He started off his music career and being open about what he's passionate about in a coffee shop, "Brewed Awakening," in Lowell. As he explored the open mic world, he grew comfortable to play acoustic guitar and sing original songs, "I continued to play in different local spots, I had met some awesome people who really encouraged me to keep going, corner soul, shout out to both Tom's," FRCKLS added.

FRCKLS mentioned that he moved to Boston in 2017 and found a community of artists and close friends in Dorchester. He shifted a bit from playing guitar and started to get into Hip-Hop, it was an interest he always had but because he didn't experience while he was in Lowell, he was shy about it. "All the artists that were present in that time I migrated to Boston, started doing basement house shows. The vibes kept growing and the community of artists that stuck together started doing shows in venues and different underground locations. I just recently started to grow into discovering new places in Boston on this journey." His favorite piece he has created is, Follow Through. He continued, "currently, but I love all of my creations that I'm working on and still developing."

What drew FRCKLS to the music industry was his drive to create a social change and find like minded artists that want to empower people and uplift others through their passions as well. "I was drawn to it because of how powerful music can be and how healing it can be. How we can miscommunicate all the time as humans but a song can reflect on someone and allow them to process and feel the creative impact," FRCKLS explained. He wants to be able to advocate for real life experiences and help the voices of other peoples truths through his music and learn the message of love.

When we asked FRCKLS what his favorite part about being an artist, he said it was being able to relate to things and create a message that could help others through things. He believes that music is one of the best coping skills. "As an artist, I want to help people identify with what speaks to them, by doing what speaks to me and  expressing the influences and motivation thats around me. I'm hoping to try to use my music abilities and apply it mental health, and the things we go through as humans in this life," he concluded.

FRCKLS's message to his audience and supporters: "I want my audience to know that love does exist. And that love is a process we have to work at and that we are all human.  there is always an option to change the way we view other's  and that we can step away from fear and acknowledge love. I would want my audience to know that life is a balance and we make the best of what we can, regardless of circumstances. We have to be strong as people and ask ourselves how to do what is right even in a world that doesnt allow most of us our voices.  I would like to empower my audience with the message of diversity and never to be afraid of being yourself, always trust your intuition and to believe in love because it can change your life."







©2017 by Kellie Irvin.