Eva Davenport

Eva Davenport, is an artist who is originally from Warren, RI. She added that she travels every weekend between Western, MA & Boston for her music career where she has been performing professionally for 7 years and 2 years as a solo artist. Eva's mother was the main spark of her interest in the music industry, "my mother sang in bands when she was pregnant with me and my parents say I sang since birth. Once I was old enough to understand the job I realized, I not only loved performing and creating, but also being my own boss & inspiring people to follow their own passions," she expressed.

Eva talked about her favorite piece she has created so far, the 'Letters To Self' EP in it's entirety, she added, "this EP is my first and only project out right now, and everything from the cover art to the songs themselves was fine tuned and crafted to a vision I scribbled down in notebooks and on voice memos. It's magical to witness the transformation of my ideas to physical products. I'm so incredibly proud of that project!"She also talked about her favorite parts of being a music artist. As she struggled to pick a favorite, she said that she loves inspiring other creative minds and inspiring herself, "I love the initial creation of a song or idea. I love pulling everything together at the end of a project wether it be a music video, EP, or showcase, and reveling in the final product," she continued. She loves the flexibility of being creative, being able to wake up and create her own schedule. Performing, especially when she's receiving connections from the audience, makes her feel like she belongs in the music industry.

Eva Davenport's message to her supporters/audience: "I want my audience and fans to know I'm so beyond grateful for them! It fills me up to know people around the world are streaming 'Letters To Self' and single 'Bang Bang'. And not just listening, but sharing events and releases, buying merch and tickets to come out to shows, and reaching out to let me know how the music spoke to them individually. Those deeper connections are pure gold!"

WEBSITE: www.evadavenportmusic.com

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/evadavenportmusic INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/lyricsbyeva

TWITTER: www.twitter.com/lyricsbyeva

SPOTIFY: https://smarturl.it/LettersToSelfEP



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