Emmanuella is a music artist from West Africa, and raised in Framingham, MA. She started her career in 2015. Growing up in church and always being surrounded by music, but losing a close friend and finding comfort in music is what really sparked her career as an artist. She added that her favorite piece of hers is her newly released song ‘Lady, Love Yourself', "it is a piece that I wrote at a time when I needed some self love. I think it gives an important message that every young woman needs to hear," she said. She added that she loves writing music and that she thinks her sound is as genuine as it comes. "Lyrics come to me anywhere and everywhere. I create voice notes, jot them down when I can, or simply sit down after a long day, after heart break, after an emotional experience and write what comes to mind. It’s my therapy, my way to get out all my feelings. So it really just comes natural, thank God," she laughed.

Opening up, Emmanuella mentioned about the times where she experiences writers block, but meditation, prayer, a nap, or simply spending time with loved ones tends to help break that. No matter how hard it gets, she doesn't want to do anything else. Her favorite part about being an artist is being able to meet so many different souls with different stories. Being able to connect, create ever lasting relationships and surrounding herself with genuine love. 

Emmanuella's message to her supporters and audience: "To anyone who listens to my music, sees me perform, hears me sing, I just want you to know that I appreciate you. I’m grateful and appreciative of you taking the time to listen to my work of art, hear my story, and tell yours. I hope that in my music you can find comfort and peace. That you may find love within yourself and healing through my words. I love you for listening, for being, for existing. I am proud of you for taking the time to heal, and I know your growth will be surreal. Thank you!"

CONTACT: emmanuella.artist@gmail.com

ALL LINKS: https://linktr.ee/emmanuellaakaofficial



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