Elle Rose

Annabella Palance is originally from Boston but currently resides in Nashville, TN. As an artist, she would like to go by Elle Rose. After being surrounded by musicians her entire life, including both of her parents being in the industry, her interest to be part of the industry started when she was about 16. She saw the love both of her parents had for their careers so it drew her to the industry, "I want to inspire people the way I have been inspired by my favorite musicians," she added.

"I have never felt more connected to my own lyrics before. This song is raw, real, and extremely representative of my writing in its vulnerable state," Elle said while talking about her favorite piece she has created so far, As Long as You're With Her. Also, her favorite part about being an artist is getting to share her stories with so many people, she said that it is a really cool feeling knowing that her words may have helped someone. 

Elle Rose's message to her audience/supporters:

"I want my audience to know that everything I put out in the world comes from the bottom of my heart. Being an artist and sharing your music is like sharing your diary with the world. Its terrifying at times, but I've found that being vulnerable can have the most positive outcome."

CONTACT: ellerosemusicofficial@gmail.com

WEBSITE: https://www.ellerosemusic.com

INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/elleallarose

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/ellerosemusicofficial



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