Michael Walker, who goes by DJ MVGIC when he is djing, is from the U.S Virgin Islands. Michael starts off by telling us that he had the opportunity to DJ at Harvard for a Black History Month project, "where I was able to meet some very talented curators in the community of Boston." Being a DJ can bring you to many amazing experiences, leading to inspiration for DJ MVGIC. He tells us his favorite moments of being a DJ, "my favorite experience is to play good and versatile music for people," he continues, "I think having the opportunity to make people have a good time and come together as a unity no matter the circumstance is a blessing."

DJ MVGIC's message to his audience/supporters:

"I would like my audience to know that I am a very down to earth person and I love challenging myself. I would also like my audience to know that I am always open to network and connect in the future. Lastly, for any musicians, djs, artist etc. to always stay motivated and to never give up on your dreams because the more you work hard and push yourself, the more it will prepare you for when it is your time to shine."






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