Destiny Williams

Destiny Williams, who was born in Brooklyn NY. At the age of 3 years old, she was taken by DCF from her biological mother, and was adopted and raised in Lawrence, MA. Because of her growth, she also goes by Mesothick, Sheprospers, and MissVangi. Destiny loves modeling and taking pictures, she said that she feels so beautiful and free to show her creativity. She gains her confidence because of her love for modeling, it’s just an organic flow," she added.

Destiny's favorite part about her job is urban modeling, "now I am getting into high end fashion because I’ve noticed a lot of clothes bring out my face more with certain clothes they have and it’s a strong look. But my biggest favorite job is motivating other models to feel beautiful and f*** what others think," she mentioned. Destiny also likes being behind the scenes and running the show.

Destiny's message to her supporters and audience, "Don’t look rich, be rich. Stay true to yourself and be yourself. Don't allow peoples words misguide you from your future. Cause you are your own person everyone grows at different pace and grows differently. Love yourself before you love others. Fill your cup first before you pour to others. All about PEOPLES EMPOWERMENT. Not only for women but men, kids, elderly, gays, etc."





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