Dante Rogers

Dante Rogers, a photographer that is presented under D.R. Visuals, started taking his career seriously in 2018. "I never thought about doing it seriously until 2018," he opens up, "I would often by the 'Person' people would ask to take a picture. When they would see the picture I took for them, the compliments would be plenty. I started to believe that people genuinely liked the photos I would take." He shares his favorite photo he has taken, 'Lone Subway Traveler' and says that he loves looking at this piece because it was a "spirit of the moment shot. Why? I love how the moving train in the background makes my subject stand out so vividly. I was very surprised how it came out. I made it B&W because I am a huge fan of greyscale." He also shares other favorites such as 'Mooncake Style' and 'K-Fit Pose.'

When asked about his favorite experience as a photographer, he reminisces back in high school where he developed a love for taking pictures, he would often buy packs of disposable cameras and take pictures of his friends and random things. He shared how much he loved how he could take a picture from his perspective, and share it with people. He also opened up about what he wish he knew when he started his photography career, "during the creation process, it is OK to be very direct and specific when going for what it is you are trying to create and that having the best equipment doesn't mean you will have 'the best photograph."

Dante's message to his audience/supporters: "I love what I do and I take pride in my work. It genuinely makes me happy to make my clients happy."

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