Corrie Monét

Corrie Monét is an artist/creative who was born and raised in Boston, MA. We got to know more about Corrie and her interests like the arts- dancing, writing, drawing, painting. "I’ve never liked public speaking much, but I’m a very passionate person," she added, "especially right now, I’ve always felt like I have so much to say, but don't know how to share it in a way that feels right." She talked about how visual art has been an outlet that allows her to put her energy into something productive. Art helps her let go of some of the things that no longer serve her, "as I’ve grown and begun to take my work more seriously, I realize how limited my knowledge of art is within black culture," she continued, "I only ever learned about the same white artists that everyone knows, but was never taught about the black artists who paved the way for people like me."

Corrie wants to assure Black and brown kids that this is a space for them too because they can be just as, and even more successful than the Picasso’s or Michaelango’s. "I’ve decided to make my art all about creating and celebrating Black artists because for so long, every other space in my life has been consumed by white people," she shared with us, "people don’t share my experiences or don’t understand why we’d even need a space for us, by us." Corrie shared her favorite piece so far which is one of her most recent, of Rico Nasty. "She has such a raw and colorful style and I feel like I was able capture her energy through the vibrancy of the painting."

Corrie also shared her favorite experience as an artist and her art journey which has been the whole process of learning how far she can push herself or even hold herself back, "I’ve learned it’s okay to just move on from something when I feel stuck and for a long time that was really hard for me to do." She quoted an artist, Aurora King, that once told her, “it’s normal and okay to get bored with a piece, move on to however many as you want if only to keep yourself creating.” She mentioned how much it resonated with her ever since. "My goal is to keep pushing myself and challenging what I know to be comfortable. I don’t want to just be or do one thing, I want people to recognize my versatility yet still have the range to develop a signature style," she continued, "I want my work to capture Black excellence in a unique way, one that’s distinctive and allows people to feel represented while still making them curious to learn more about someone else’s perspectives." Artist Corrie added that personable art is a passion of hers so she is currently learning the ropes and doing test trials on practice skins, "but eventually I want to become a tattoo artist. When the world opens back up again, I hope to one day be an independent traveling artist."

Corrie Monét's message to supporters and non-supporters: "I appreciate you. Y’all inspire me to stay motivated, to remain focused, and to keep failing forward because that’s how we grow." CONACT:

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