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A music artist, Claire Alcindor, goes by Claire Lyrics was born in Port Au Prince Haiti. As she was raised in New York and grew in Boston, her interest in music sparked at the age of 10 in the church choir, "my older brother, Jean, really got me into creating music because he was always making beats and creating his own tracks," she added. Claire listed her favorite music artists who inspired her to start her career in music, those such as Lauryn Hill, E. Badu and Jill Scott. "Those are the type of artists that made me want to be a dope female artist in the industry," she said.

A piece of Claire's that she favors out of all of her creations is"XTSY." She continued on, "I created that song in a very good space mentally. It was heavily inspired by love between the divine feminine and the divine masculine." Then she mentioned that her favorite part about being a music artist is really connecting to the audience with her creativity. She went on to share that she feels that music is a therapy for the soul, its a form of communication that can truly elevate ones soul, "and I want to accomplish that with my music."

Claire's message to her supporters/audience:

"I want my audience to know that I am very passionate but yet sensitive about my music. I want them to know that I hope to inspire them to create and connect to the things that make them happy and warm inside. I have a MIXTAPE DROPPPING, 1/22/2020, called "TWENTY 10's" on all platforms."





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