Bones Got That

Erick Negron, who goes by Bones Got That in the music world, is from Boston but currently based in Rhode Island. He was 16, now 21, when one of his friends sparked a conversation while walking home. Asking Erick what he wanted do in life, “I told him I always loved music especially the beats to songs,” he explained, “then he said why you don’t you?” Ever since that day, he made beats on his phone, then to garage band which lead him to use better programs.

Not only Erick is a producer and sound engineer, he’s into other things such as photography, and writing music on the side, “I love to cook, always cooking up when I can,” he added. Erick then tells us about his favorite experience about being a producer, “it would have to be every studio sesh. It’s just the best feeling, knowing you’re about to go into this great vibe and you’re surrounded with others that love it too.” He also mentioned his favorite piece he has created in the studio. A beat called “Sleeping” was one of his first beats he made on the phone,­ “the amount of work I put in it always made me proud.”

Bones Got That’s message to his supporters/audience: “I want everyone to know that I love to teach and grow. I want teach anyone how to make beats or take pictures, it’s what I really love to do and to be able to share it with people of all kinds and ages would make my day everything.”


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