B Mo the Prince

B Mo the Prince, a self-made DJ from Avon, Massachusetts. He shares with us about his favorite experience as a DJ which is being able to create is a vibe. "The gig is entertainment, that's what I love. If it's me behind the decks or me behind the mic on 103.3 AMP Radio.. I love to entertain," he continues, "when I'm spinning, I just love to create a vibe and energy in the room. I like to feel the room and then along with them create something that night that we both enjoy and remember."

Talking about the feeling from the audience's reaction to B Mo's work, he continues to explain how it's the best part about being a DJ. "When you hit them with that next track they didn't know they wanted or needed. When you hear that cheer for that next track, that's always when I know we're creating something special that night."

B Mo the Prince's message to his audience/supporters: "It's all about hard work and fun. Love what you do and work your ass off when doing it. I quit a great job to go chase a dream and it worked. It worked because of hard work and having fun. Always trust that."

EMAIL: bmotheprince@gmail.com

WEBSITE: bmotheprince.com

INSTAGRAM: Instagram.com/bmotheprince

FACEBOOK: Facebook.com/bmotheprince

TWITTER: Twitter.com/bmotheprince

MIXCLOUD: https://www.mixcloud.com/brian-moller2/



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