Ava Sophia

Ava Dudani, known as Ava Sophia when it comes to her music career, was born and raised in the Brighton/Allston neighborhood of Boston. She has always loved music and been singing since being able to talk. She mentioned that she was always creative throughout her childhood, and there came a point where she realized that if she wasn’t pursuing music, "I wasn’t fully living. Music is in me. Creativity and inspiration are blessings," she added.

Ava's favorite piece she has ever created is the "To See and Hear Hxrself” EP that was released in October 2019. She said that It was her debut project and that she felt happy that she waited until the right time to release it. "It’s a project that explores the intersections of being a woman and a person of color and questions the shame that is placed on qualities deemed as inherently feminine, and how we can find strength in them on our own terms," she continued, "I’m so proud of the way I was able to capture everything I was trying to say without through the songs, but also through the release party, the promotion, the visuals...every aspect of it was intentional."

Dudani, being a musician, loves the way music is able to bring people together and have a collective experience. "Being a musician and a front-woman of my own project, I get to facilitate the space and energy that is created at each one of my shows," she concluded. Ava loves the leadership role, but also loves being an audience member or a supporting musician who’s job it is to be led and to find the best way to support the collective experience. 

Ava Sophia's message to her supporters/audience: "I want my audience to know that there is no such thing as hierarchy at a show. No one 'owns' the stage or the space. Performances are a give and take, and they are contributing as much to the experience by being there as the musicians are by sharing their music."

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