Art by Cass

Cassandra Goncalves, who also goes by Art by Cass, opens up about what inspired her to create in this world, "when I was a kid, cartoons inspired me. I watched a lot of cartoons growing up and I loved trying to replicate them, but also my art teachers growing up really inspired me to keep creating and trying new mediums." Since then, she's been posting her art on IG and selling art. She specializes in creating digital portraits for her followers.

Cassandra mentioned her favorite art pieces so far, "probably my California fires piece. It was a final class assignment but I put a lot of thought into it, and feelings into it as well." She was invited to a few art shows and was motivated to host her own shows. Her favorite experience of being an artist is creating the Visionary Experience, "I found talented artists over a variety of mediums and asked for their contribution to the event," she continues, "it was such a great show and I’m proud of the connections that artists were able to make because of the show."

Cass's message to her audience/supporters: "I’m not stopping anytime soon so wherever my art takes me, I hope that my supporters follow. This is just the beginning of something big and I’m so proud to have people on my side, going though this journey with me"







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