Arkh Zeus

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

What is the name you go by + where are you from? "My name is Arkh Zeus, I normally just go by Zeus or Zeusy. I'm from Everett, MA; northside to be exact."

What do you do as a music artist? "I do a plethora of things. I'm a rapper, singer, songwriter, producer and audio engineer. I even do a handful of my own cover art at times." [photos by @arthurmaressa]

When did you start your journey with music? How did you start? "My journey began in 2014. I recorded a verse over a Capital STEEZ (R.I.P.) type beat using my gaming headset and audacity. It didn't take me too long to decide I wanted to do it professionally, and forever. I created my first album that same year and the rest is history."

What is your favorite experience(s) as a music artist?

"My favorite experience has to be everything, honestly. From the inspiring forces that generate an idea, to producing and writing that idea to life, then recording it and mixing it to perfection. Revealing it all to the world feels so powerful. It's even better when I get to perform. So yeah, I love the whole experience."

What is something you feel that people don’t see behind the scenes?

"There's a LOT of things people don't get to see behind the scenes. For the most part, I feel like the deeper you dive into the music scene, the more you understand that it makes sense that way. That bit of mystique can sometimes help a regular person appreciate the art more...cause they simply have no idea what it could've possibly taken to create it. If you're an artist who works hard, sometimes that mystique can frustrate you when you feel underappreciated. It's bittersweet."

Anything else you would like to share? What do you do in your free time?

"I don't do much, to be honest. I'm usually just letting the days go by, smoking and chilling with my peers. I usually try to get a good mile of walking in everyday though, I love me a good walk. That's one of my favorite times to listen to music as well, especially my own."

What is something you feel that goes unnoticed about artists like you?

"I think the overall force of my ideas can sometimes be overlooked or underappreciated because of how dense or intense they can be at face value. I don't always make the most "fun" or accessible music, so being underrated in that regard can come with it. Like, many people call me the "best" at what I do... but I'm not many people's favorite."

What are some accomplishments you’ve done during your journey? What are some challenges you faced, and how did you overcome them?

"In my 6 years of being an artist, I've managed to release 5 studio albums. I've had production credits on all of my albums since my second one. I have production (also executive) credits on a plethora of projects by other artists in the scene, and growing. I think the biggest challenge I had to face as an artist was overcoming my own ego. I often get a power trip from my own ideas and struggle to give them a more "accessible" dynamic, whether it be for listeners or other creatives. Breaking out of my shell and collaborating with more artists over the years helped me with that. I love combining forces to make an even greater force. It's humbling, because I always feel like the creation would be lacking without their contribution, no matter if I could've done it myself or not."

What is some advice you’d like to give to artists like you?

"Always remember that the world will always need your ideas, even if you aren't the vessel that'll transcend them beyond the masses."

Arkh's message to you: "My next album will be dropped in phases, similar to how I did the TRILOGY. demos. Each disc will serve as its own, but they will all play into a similar journey and experience throughout the time that it's ready to be revealed. "From the swamp, to the trap." is all I'll reveal for now, haha!"


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