Arkh Zeus

Ricardo X. Germain, who goes by Arkh Zeus, is from Everett, MA. Northside to be exact. Arkh was drawn to the music industry, 5 years ago, because of his passion for creating. He feels like music is one of the greater platforms for creatives to express themselves limitlessly, Ricardo also talked about his creative process, he started off by saying that it's fairly abstract but nothing too out of the ordinary compared to other artists. Sober or not sober, he tends to just drown in the energy that he's radiating and let the words come out naturally. "When making beats, I’m almost like a machine. I just drag and drop a bunch of sounds and make it make sense to how I’m feeling. It’s gotten to the point where so much practice simply led to writing and producing being fluid to my very being. These days I freestyle most of my material. It’s all instinctive to me."

Zeus's favorite part about being a music artist is that it gives him a great tool to carry out what he believes is his purpose in this life. He takes pride in being a center of influence and infinite energy that benefits those around him, "including myself. I feel like I could save the world in ways, and I have the gift of creating music to thank for that."

Arkh wants his audience to know that we are not alone. We all have something about us that is substantial enough to leave a mark of influence on this world. It’s up to us as individuals to tap into that part of ourselves and learn to embrace and love it so we can radiate that energy everywhere we go. He also added, "everybody wins."








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